Date:2019-12-10 13:46:25

A way to earn money with Needyex

All you have to do is investing in our coin "needycoin" , you must buy a collateral (10,000 Ned) and setup a masternode this will garantee you a share and the way to earn monthly incoming "fees generated from the listing and the trading" , 5% of whole project will be shared with investors "no masternode sharing,direct buy only". Masternode must be always online!

You must be a registered member on needyex and share with admin your btc address to receive payments

For any question contact us by email or discord:


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Date Total monthly earning $ Total to share $ Total investors Status
Mar-2020 - - 21 -
Feb-2020 30+230 1.5+11.5 20
0.65$ paid
Jan-2020 55 +13 2.75+0.65 19 0.17$ Paid
Dec-2019 50 + 12 2,5 + 0.6 19 1.63$ Paid