Utility token StakesX

Date:2020-01-29 15:13:06

StakesX will replace Needy as utility token for needyex. The token plays an important role in our cryptocurrency exchange.

Total supply is 250,000,000 .

Waves asset: https://wavesblockexplorer.com/assets/HXtwvrpL8qiYCGC2D6WdiWgqQ5qSyQRQWmo9zDJk32ki

It can be used in several ways:

  • To exchange for other crypto
  • Are you a token issuer? You pay your listing fee using StakesX.
  • Exchange with Ned to run your masternode and earn monthly income from our network
  • As a StakesX Holder you will pay only 50% Trading Fees (coming soon)

StakesX tokens can be obtained:

  • By purchasing for other crypto