Listing process

Date:2019-10-01 06:39:09

Listing policy

At Needyex, we look for coins that have high community demand, innovations to digital currency technology, or a contribution to science or humanity. Given the demand for currency launches, we limit ourselves to only a handful a week.Launching is at our discretion.

Note that we cannot list currencies where its primary purpose is to support illegal gambling, illegal drug sales, or any other activity that is illegal in our jurisdiction. We also cannot list currencies that would be construed as a security such as digital currencies that promise/market profits or represent shares of a company. At our discretion, we may require an additional compliance fee for listing.

These happen in the extraordinary cases where your coin's use case is extremely complex and requires significant research by our staff to determine suitability.

To help speed up the process of deploying your coin, we require the following information submitted through the form   Submit your Coin

or contact us by mail
Reach us on discord
for any question

We only accept bitcoin forked altcoins (coins with RPC 1.0 compatibility) and waves assets and erc20 tokens "eth"(Suspended).

Listing fee is 150$
We are offering a platform where to trade,we don't generate traffic.
You can also add your coin to vote 35,000 SAK token to be listed  Take a look to rules

We strictly recommend to register the special email address for the Cryptocurrency project and not to use any personal emails

  • Coin name and symbol
  • Logo:trasparent png format at least 250x250 pixel
  • Github link:We only accept source code. We will not run a binary that you provide us,nodes should be included in source code!
  • Bitcointalk topic only,not accepted coins with newbie topic,not accepted coins with text only topics.
  • Max Premine 10%
  • Exchanges you are currently on
  • Official blockchain explorer
  • What is your TxFee for a transaction
  • Any social media information such as your official website, twitter account, facebook page, subreddit, etc.
  • Direct contact on discord or telegram
  • Request can be declined if we don't like your coin.

Delisting policy

There are circumstances where Needyex may decide to remove a coin/token from the Needyex Exchange. Needyex reserves the right to remove anycoin/token or market from its Exchange for any reason and without prior notice.

Although not exhaustive, below is a list of factors that Needyex generally reviews when determining whether to delist a token or remove a market:

  • With trading volumes 0 or under 20$ for more than 30 days!
  • Evolving regulatory standards and other compliance issues
  • Poor implementation of use cases or poor reception by community
  • Blockchain or related technology becomes compromised or defective
  • Coin/Token no longer supported by token team or others
  • Potentially suspicious trading activity
  • Experience with coin/token applicant/team and their responsiveness to information requests
  • Violation of Needyex’s terms of service or coin/token listing agreement
  • Complaints by users or traders of the coin/token

Delisting Process

Needyex may delist a market or coin/token without prior notice. Needyex, in its discretion, may also publish its intention to delist a coin/token or market in the future. Delisting notices will appear on the Needyex website under the market page.

If a market or coin/token is flagged in advance for removal, the date of removal generally will be the second Friday after notification. For example, if a market is flagged for removal on a Wednesday, the market will be removed the next Friday (+ 9 days from notification). Nevertheless, Needyex reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to immediately delist a token or market if Needyex believes circumstances warrant.

Token Withdrawal After Delisting

After a market or token is removed, Needyex generally seeks to provide users up to 14 days to withdraw any delisted tokens, but in certain instances the withdrawal period may be shortened. Users should withdraw any tokens before the posted withdrawal deadline. There may be circumstances under which a user may not be able to withdraw a token due to events outside of Needyex’s control. For example, there could be technical difficulties (e.g., the blockchain is broken) which prevent users from being able to withdraw their tokens.