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This contest was kindly sponsored by StatesX   Visit the site StakesX  Trade sak now

Total Price 500$

We are checking double registrations with the same ip address, any abuse will be punished with the cancellation of the account


We will award the top 5 that will bring subscribers to needyex

  • Member must reach at least 100 referrals
  • No duplicate entry for ip or email,will be checked
  • Total price is 500$ in Stakesx "Sak",will be added to each account
  • First receive 250$ ,Second 100$ , Third 70$ ,Fourth 50$ and Fifth 30$
  • The competition will end when the fifth reaches the goal

Due to many cheating attempts,the competition was stopped. However, we decided to pay honest members but we reduced the total price from 500$ to 150$.
  • Top 5 winners are listed below-
  • 1)kosrock gets 7563 saks
  • 2)yashjarsania gets 5036 saks
  • 3)lezz4u gets 3787 saks
  • 4)amaday1624 gets 1514 saks
  • 5)cryptodigi gets 1009 saks

Please contact the admin at "" and share payment address.

Thank you for your participation. Best, Stakesx and Needycoin

RANKING Username The number of invitedStatus
1 place Mustafid 100Under Investigation
2 place Deksumawa 40Under Investigation
3 place kosrock 39Under Investigation
4 place sarate 27Under Investigation
5 place Ryaditya123 27Under Investigation
6 place yashjarsania 26Under Investigation
7 place lezz4u 18Under Investigation
8 place Renalradja 18Under Investigation
9 place Thewinner 16Under Investigation
10 place razor 15Under Investigation
11 place amaday1624 14Under Investigation
12 place cryptodigi 5Under Investigation
13 place maxall 5Under Investigation
14 place listing 4Under Investigation
15 place supersportscore 4Under Investigation